About Me

My name really is... Blade Sharpe

Born in a star system where the digital realm rules us, my first steps into the void when I turned five, guided by my progenitor with haste. Reality was replaced by complex ones and zeros, know as video games. This was infact now my reality.

As my cycle count grew, so did my passion for creation. I authored my own tales, constructed worlds in the matrix of my mind, and brought them to life in the grid.

This content, it consumes me, makes the Earth hours vanish into the cosmic ether. Indeed, this "work" is my playground, and I revel in its infinite dimensions.

Digital Art & Video games are but one dimension of my multiverse. I have traversed rugged terrains of alien planets, carved through the icy rings of distant moons, studied the design of interstellar vessels, composed melodies that echo through the cosmos, and absorb the tales of my interstellar experience.

I exist to create.

I exist... to create.

I exist... to create.

I exist... to create.

I exist to develop.

//// Communication protocols have been established. ////

Do not hesitate to send a transmission. I anticipate our impending communication with eagerness.